Broken Symmetry with Insanity Peppers.

I was weeding my garden plot when I noticed this high pitched screaming coming from the border of the twelve garden plots that were occupied with other gardeners. I wandered over to have a look, my garden neighbor warned me, he said don’t touch those, those are the infamous Peruvian Insanity Peppers, they scream like that, they are ‘ornamental’. So I picked one and ate it, chomping down on the screaming little pepper with enthusiasm. It tasted at first like a delicious little red pepper, soon thereafter it tasted like fire. It was too late, I had already swallowed the thing. It was excruciatingly hot. But I survived by eating the raspberries that were all over the place, then a handful of dill seeds, also growing everywhere. So I picked as many as I could and brought them home with me for experiments. I placed one whole pepper, about 1 inch long, into a large pot of chili. It made some very hot chili with no other hot spices added. After I had dried them properly I started planting them, then growing them, now I have a window full of madness.