Broken Symmetry with Insanity Peppers.

I was weeding my garden plot when I noticed this high pitched screaming coming from the border of the twelve garden plots that were occupied with other gardeners. I wandered over to have a look, my garden neighbor warned me, he said don’t touch those, those are the infamous Peruvian Insanity Peppers, they scream like that, they are ‘ornamental’. So I picked one and ate it, chomping down on the screaming little pepper with enthusiasm. It tasted at first like a delicious little red pepper, soon thereafter it tasted like fire. It was too late, I had already swallowed the thing. It was excruciatingly hot. But I survived by eating the raspberries that were all over the place, then a handful of dill seeds, also growing everywhere. So I picked as many as I could and brought them home with me for experiments. I placed one whole pepper, about 1 inch long, into a large pot of chili. It made some very hot chili with no other hot spices added. After I had dried them properly I started planting them, then growing them, now I have a window full of madness.

Artificially Intelligent


You might here these words more often in the future, ‘we aren’t replacing workers, we are freeing them up to do other work.’ That would mean the work they were about to hire someone for, but they didn’t, so they don’t exist yet and therefore can’t be replaced. The hope, in the upper stratposphere of power is that not one of you has studied critical thinking, and can’t actually follow what they are saying. So, get out your critical thinking books and hats and solve their words, to the truth, they will replace you if they can. Its apparent who is winning at the moment, think of this, we need clean air, the AI needs electricity, even if its from burning your bones.

Broken Symmetry : The Spring Offensive

Broken Symmetry : Painting the equation.

Continuing to paint the equation. In this clip I am just adding a small shadow to one side of a series of pentagons. This is not sped up at all, I don’t care for that, it makes my eyes object. Or maybe my brain does. But it might be loud, it usually is quite loud in here when I’m painting. Peace and quiet…pffft.!!

The Studio at the Centre of the Universe.


We continue to forget, until its pointed out repeatedly! In 2012 I thought this poster should be in everyone’s kitchen, maybe on the fridge.

Graham Houston Arts

‘More’, 30″ X 40″, oil on canvas, 1996.

Again and again and again.

Economist politicians, can’t feed you right now, they have important bills to pay. Their computers want cash this time. Can you wait until October? They will give two times as much rice as you need, but not until October, maybe November. Here, have some bullets and guns instead, defend your razor wire borders from intruders looking for food, oil, slaves, whatever. You need tear gas, ok, lots of that going around for cheap. No water though. Sorry. Maybe next year. Can you wait until next year? Everything will be better then. They guarantee it.

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Change Machine

An image that I should leave untitled, it was another outburst of maniacal distortions, not a chance to have a thought before hand, but I am always tempted as my mood changes and I see the effect the title might have on the viewer. Preferably at a live art show, its always the best to see them in person. This piece is 20 years old at least.

‘Entropy’, 24″ X 24″, oil on canvas, 2003. I also named it ‘Stuffed in a Box’, when I was feeling more confined spatially. And Change Machine. Entropy: Within a closed system, like a box, or the universe, entropy will increase. Entropy being the measurement of disorder. It is the second law of thermodynamics. All we can do is slow it down for ourselves locally by putting in energy, like painting pictures and such. I don’t know what you do. Maybe making shelter for everyone, something like that.

The background here is composed of a part of a branch of a tree in a drawing in the book called Entropy, The Art of Graham Houston….I tiled and squared it repeatedly until this appeared, something always appears.

We are all living inside a change machine, and the rate of change is increasing.

The Entropy Wall

The ever mutating studio wall. I’ve felt for a while now that the public does not get a good idea of the artwork from a digital or computer screen of some kind. That wall is not electric.

The painting is called ‘The Last Supper’, 1996, you can probably see why. That’s Judas hanging in the corner, I had to find a way to fit that in with the rest of the nonsense, there is a lot of it in this painting. There is an H- bomb dropping from the sky and the writing on the wall says…

And the Lord spake unto his disciples,


and verily he said, I can’t leave you guys alone for one minute,

and then he let them have it, saying unto them,

‘This is it! This is the last time I do anything for you lot of ….

Its been seen in public twice now, with a friendly audience only, a pop up type show in the anthropology lunch room, maybe it was independent studies. And a little out of the way cafe where I had to carry it on the bus to deliver it, I was so determined to poke somebody in the eye with it. Its quite heavy, 48″ X 32″ X 0.5″ plywood and 20 lbs or so of paint.