Joe Forte’s Multiverse

The Street Urchin

An interview with Joe Forte

I believe every day you wake up you look at your hands and your fingers and you thank god that you have them and everything else you have and the other thing I constantly remind myself of is the fact that two little seeds connected within a human being and in nine months a perfect little human being was born.

In nine months your brain is formed and you become this human being now if that doesn’t tell you that everything works so exactly the way it’s supposed to work then nothing will ever make you believe that it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

These are some of the covers I made for my friend and fellow painter Joe Forte

Joe Forte’s Houses of Worship.

Click the cover for a preview of the book.

Joe Forte’s Houses of Worship

Drawings of churches and cathedrals, and tiny one room chapels around the world by Joe Forte.


Click for a preview of the book.

Joe Forte’s New York Vol. 1

The first in a series of drawings over several decades spent in New York as a street artist.


Click for a preview of the book.

Joe Forte’s New York Vol #2

This is the second part of a five volume collection of The New York drawings by Joe Forte.


Click for a preview of the book.

Joe Forte’s New York, Greenwich Village and Soho Watercolours

A book of watercolor paintings from the streets of New York.


My parents, they were just unbelievable, I know everybody’s parents are unbelievable, but my mom and dad they taught us to love everything, they taught us the more you love in life the more you get and I have to put that on to my children and my grandchildren and part of that came from having the grocery store and having to eat what it was we needed to eat because it was time to eat, that you can’t sell it but it’s still okay to eat so that’s what we’re eating tonight and that’s what we got so all of us learned to love everything at our table and then that just related to the life.

I can’t imagine that I would have lived my life and not done what I’ve done in the last 32 years and through that you know being in a number of other businesses, the fruit business, the book and record business. And the fruit business was a huge business but never made any money at it because it went out of business, that’s how this happened. This is how the art thing happened.

The Street Urchin

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