Sunflower Geometry

‘Sunflowere Geometry’, 15′ X 15″, watercolour. Private collection.

Standing in a field of sunflowers.

My second book

This is the cover I designed for the book. I made these through Amazon's books and Kindle.

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A fellow painter of large pieces said to me I should make a record of some kind, a gathering of little images and ideas created from the large ones. Maybe stitched or glued together.

As I have many large paintings, and a great deal of other work, the idea of having something small I could hold in my hand was very enticing. As much for others as it was for me to see what I got up to from my death bed.

Bedlam : The Art of Graham Houston

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 From famine and war to murder and suicide I have always sought ways which the visual artist could attract the viewer, hold their attention for long enough to see what’s in front of them and prompt a discussion. It’s the temptation of brightly coloured imagery used to create horrifying ideas, human ideas.

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Floating Woman

‘Floating Woman’, 21″ X 30″, watercolour on Waterford 300lb. coldpress paper. 1993. $3,250.00 U.S.

While it may be difficult at times to show scale with any of these things on the internet, everyone else’s device shows it differently, I am still fond of taking smaller works like this and playing or showing it on a very large quality A.I video device. Of course the A.I. can paint like this because I’ve been showing it how, but it still can’t make the physical object, or can it? Of course it can do that too, with better indestructible kinds of paper and ink, better than the original paints, and any size you want!!!!.

But maybe it can’t come up with a new idea. The A.I. doesn’t know how to mix the ingredients we give it without a prompt or a guide. Do this or that. I wonder when the local A.I. will come knocking on my door looking for my brain, not realizing that it is broken, they plug me in….

Framing the Unnecessary.

Temporarily adding the unnecessary to the entropy wall.

It is clearly a large painting, more than half the size of that sculpture.

‘The Unnecessarily Erotic Amoebas of Port Elgin’, watercolour, 21″ X 30″, framed its 28″ X 36″, $25,000.00 US

One of my favourite frame jobs. This one is 28″ X 36″ overall. I made the wooden part with ebony, more for its weight than anything, I painted it black anyway. The inner frame is of gold filled copper bars, not plated, I think there is 6 or 7 ounces of gold that you could recover, but its a secret thing to hang on your wall you see, who would know why you paid $25,000.00 US for this unknown artists work.