Abstractions of Violence

The abstraction of violence. it is what I do, it keeps me out of the institute, if you know what I mean, and with people as the subject including myself there is no shortage of material.The sound I made with many programs on my old iMac, I was trying to make sadness, or grief into a sound..This abstraction we do so well without even thinking about its source, it makes the best art, music, theatre, and movies, and it makes me feel better so it’s what we all do. It allows us all to keep going to war, again and again, everyone is a hero now. All 8 billion of us. Forgetting to keep entropy at bay.

The more of us there are, the less each individual is noticed.


This is one of those styles or methods, expressionism maybe, which would attract the viewer to works which are often difficult to discuss, with the hope of doing exactly that, starting a discussion. This is far easier, in some ways, if there is a physical gallery to stand in with other people looking to think as they see. Otherwise in the digital age a discussion is very easy to have without me at all. Something I always felt important in all the arts, the viewer doesn’t need the artist anymore, they have their own discussion with the work. I’ve said everythingin the painting, I’m drained of words after that.

‘Chemical Prison’, 24″ X 36″, oil on canvas. This is one of the three paintings I made in the year following the seizure. I was taking some very powerful medications for bi-polar disorder. I don’t think they work at all. My best medication is painting these types of paintings to have a peaceful place to put the violence. The violence which is second nature to all humans.

Chemical Prison


Painting a picture.

Painting with watercolour.

When I do paint nice things, mountain scenery, animals or plants it is for you. I always try to think, ‘what would they like?’. The horror I paint for me, for my mental health, to calm the never ending rage that comes with bi-polar, or whatever the hell they call it this year as they try to trick people back to shitty work with medication, after they broke them. Then more medication to stave off the side effects of bi-polar medication.

But I digress.

… and then there were none.

Hello the internet.

Broken Symmetry

The painting on the wall, Broken Symmetry, has been hanging in the one spot on my wall since shortly after the end of the show. I was stuck, I didn’t like the ending, so I decided to undo the last part of the painting which was specifically for the show, undo that I thought. That was 3.14 years ago, and now I have decided to continue counter clockwise, that seemed appropriate.

The fractal is made by the painting.