Joe Forte’s New York

These are a few of the books I designed for a friend and fellow painter, Joe Forte. These 3 are part of the series for drawings and paintings of New York over the decades he spent living on the street and drawing the city. Click on a cover to see a preview of the book. They are all available from Amazon in hardcover or paperback.

Joe Forte’s New York, Volume 1

There are 57 ink drawings by Joe Forte of Greenwich Village and its environs.


Joe Forte’s New York Volume 2

Another 57 drawings of the streets of New York from the view of living on those same streets.


Joe Forte’s New York, Greenwich Village and Soho Watercolors

Original watercolors from the New York series by Joe Forte.


My second book

This is the cover I designed for the book. I made these through Amazon's books and Kindle.

This link will take you to the e-book on Amazon.

A fellow painter of large pieces said to me I should make a record of some kind, a gathering of little images and ideas created from the large ones. Maybe stitched or glued together.

As I have many large paintings, and a great deal of other work, the idea of having something small I could hold in my hand was very enticing. As much for others as it was for me to see what I got up to from my death bed.

Drawings from the ’70’s

A few drawings from the 1970’s

‘Sanity is a relative state’, bic pen on cheap paper, 1976.

‘Drummer from a famous painting’, pencil on paper, 1975.

‘Listening to the music of food’, pencil on paper, 1975.

‘Reach to the stars in search of a more varied sex life’, pencil on paper, 1975.

‘She lost her leg’, pencil on paper, 1975.

‘Statue, female’, pencil on paper, 1975.

‘Identity crisis’, pencil on paper, 1976.