The Other Foot

‘The Other Foot’, 8″ X 10″,carbon on paper. It is a type of meditation for me, I have no idea where I am or what time it is, or even if time is a substance at all when I am drawing. The drawing presents itself in my mind, and I make the idea real on paper with a pencil. I had made a strange carving in wood of the foot of a horse, Pegasus to be exact, someone chopped off its feet so it could never land again, as Pegasus is immortal it could never land on earth again. It isn’t a classical myth or ancient origin, its a dream I had. This is the other foot.

Dancing across the heavens. The art of dreaming. I usually have a notebook to write in beside my bed. Sometimes the dream lingers long enough to write a few sentences. These sentences will then trigger the memory of the whole dream. Sometimes its only a couple of words. Sometimes the dream just evaporates as I struggle to open the book.

Broken Symmetry : The Spring Offensive

Broken Symmetry : Painting the equation.

Continuing to paint the equation. In this clip I am just adding a small shadow to one side of a series of pentagons. This is not sped up at all, I don’t care for that, it makes my eyes object. Or maybe my brain does. But it might be loud, it usually is quite loud in here when I’m painting. Peace and quiet…pffft.!!

The Studio at the Centre of the Universe.


‘Ponder Too’, 36″ X 72″, oil on paper, 1996. A sure sign of an obsession of some kind, giant heads maybe, flexible giant heads. Much more it was the first steps after Bedlam Gallery closed, really pondering what to do next, why do I have another studio, I have no money etc. etc. But I was determined to stuff my genius into your heads,like it or not. I was working on the ‘neurotica’ series prior to these, quite a different method,I wanted to mold the heads into a twisted organic single head.This was an example of going to the nth degree with an idea. I wanted to make them even bigger, 20 or 30 feet would be good. At the time I had lots of paint, enough to use a plastering trowel to paint with oils, but the canvas was out of my budget, so paper and scrap wood worked fine. Also to store the idea, artists would know this, like a sketch but enough to stand alone.

The three ponderings for scale. Imagine them on forty foot canvases in the atrium of the giant bank where they have the golden toilet seats stored.