Bedtime Story

A thought from 2011

Graham Houston Arts

The Economy: the economy is shaped like a giant flea, it has six spindly legs and skin made up of 6.5 billion and one credit cards. All but one of them signed. It has googly round blue eyes and great flapping wet livery lips with a hose sticking out. It sticks its hose into the ears of people when they go shopping. When people want stuff they give off this juice that the economy drinks, up like honey to a bear. This type of fresh juice is its favourite but it goes sour quickly and becomes misery juice. So the flea, now engorged is able to move to more fertile ground. Often over where it was previously excreting, the Pacific basin maybe. Filthy creatures. The flea then shits over the miserable wasted ground it left and assumes something will grow.

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