Using form and colour to provoke a viewer into a reaction. I suppose that describes all artworks. Now that we are surrounded by the A.I. and its brilliance, I am wondering with all my work, how many words would the A.I. need to make this. What would you say in a sentence to get this image. If my name or page are used as a prompt, would that be copyright infringement?

‘Neurotica XXX’, 21″ X 35″, oil on canvas, 1997/98. This is number 30 of this ongoing series, mostly now in pencil or inks. I would love to turn them all into giant oil on canvas paintings, but that would require a lot of money, mainly to find space big enough that I don’t get injured again from the chemical fumes. It took months to get the smell of linseed oil out of my tiny studio apartment. But I still prefer working in oils. You can get effects like airbrushing using just a regular brush, dry brush effects and the like.

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