‘Hunger’, 72″ X 120″, oil on canvas.

A very large painting, this painting has been in one other smallish gallery that still had a wall big enough. It sat close to the public window, and people did not like it at all. What do I mean by this enormous mountain of skin and starvation and greed, how dare I say this about YOU!!! The window was spat on at least 30 times by human pieces of shit, you know, the majority of you. The gallery owner kep it up for a few days but that was not a good sign, so we pulled it out, I took it off the stretcher, and rolled it up, that was 1997. It has stayed rolled up since then, except for this brief appearance in my video below, called ‘Painting a Picture’. This was after the major breakdown and seizure but before I had to stop using oil paint. It was a regular sized apartment and I rolled the painting out horizontally on the wall. Then put the camera on the seat of my bicycle and rolled it past the painting. There’s maybe 3
seconds in this video. But it got rolled up again immediatley.

Painting a Picture

A short video of one of the three paintings I made during the year following a seizure and major health problems. Its called tri-polar, fondly mocking my psychiatrists after they gave me my diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. The depressed maniac.

I think most artists have this concept of their masterpiece, the one painting they felt themselves was worthy of showing in a major gallery, maybe even someone in the major gallery would buy it for their collection. I spent a year in one studio painting Hunger, it was an old dance studio, with fabulous 12 foot high walls where I could hang it up.

‘Tri-polar’, 42″ X 42″, oil on canvas. Tearing myself apart from the inside you might say.

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