Floating Woman

‘Floating Woman’, 21″ X 30″, watercolour on Waterford 300lb. coldpress paper. 1993. $3,250.00 U.S.

While it may be difficult at times to show scale with any of these things on the internet, everyone else’s device shows it differently, I am still fond of taking smaller works like this and playing or showing it on a very large quality A.I video device. Of course the A.I. can paint like this because I’ve been showing it how, but it still can’t make the physical object, or can it? Of course it can do that too, with better indestructible kinds of paper and ink, better than the original paints, and any size you want!!!!.

But maybe it can’t come up with a new idea. The A.I. doesn’t know how to mix the ingredients we give it without a prompt or a guide. Do this or that. I wonder when the local A.I. will come knocking on my door looking for my brain, not realizing that it is broken, they plug me in….

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