Hunger II

‘Hunger II’, 36″ X 60″,oil on canvas, 1993.

The scale is always a problem. Works like this and larger really need wealthy people with a house and walls big enough to look somewhat balanced. And they need to be this size to have the effect I want. A large field of pthalo blue can be quite chilling physically when you stand in front of this. Perhaps its just the idea of a very large starving child.

Its the second of along series of images I thought of as icons to represent the conditions of our times. This piece has only been seen at Bedlam Gallery in 1994. It is somewhat difficult to find a gallery that will show these at all.

If you read this, I am pretty sure I was not accepted by the Cambridge Library Gallery show about poverty, a bit to loud and direct for them.

These are in the red room. Both of these paintings sold and went to a very big home with 3 others larger. It was great fun hanging them for the customer. I absolutely love seeing my work hanging, well, anywhere.

The Cave Of Treasures

‘Cave #IX’, 24″ X 30″, gypsum and acrylic on wood. $1,500.00 U.S.

The gypsum is just a drywall compound, it dries more slowly than plaster so you can fiddle about. This was the 90 minute compound. Painting on the gypsum as its drying, and hot, seems to make a very strong permanent colour. I will know for sure in about 5 thousand years.

The cave of treasures is where Adam and Eve found themselves after god kicked them out of heaven 🙂

The hunters of life.

The god Auroch

Out the window…

‘Out the window.’ 9″X12″, oil on canvas.

And then there’s the bird, and the flowers, actual morning glories, all you need is the delicious aroma of hot chocolate in a mug, 🙂Then you can leave…

One of the final oil paintings I made, a strange idea, an invitation to leave quickly. I was in a bad mood, as I was unable to use oil paints. Use oil paint and die the doctors told me, they may have been trying to stop me from accidentally painting something.

Floating Woman

‘Floating Woman’, 21″ X 30″, watercolour on Waterford 300lb. coldpress paper. 1993. $3,250.00 U.S.

While it may be difficult at times to show scale with any of these things on the internet, everyone else’s device shows it differently, I am still fond of taking smaller works like this and playing or showing it on a very large quality A.I video device. Of course the A.I. can paint like this because I’ve been showing it how, but it still can’t make the physical object, or can it? Of course it can do that too, with better indestructible kinds of paper and ink, better than the original paints, and any size you want!!!!.

But maybe it can’t come up with a new idea. The A.I. doesn’t know how to mix the ingredients we give it without a prompt or a guide. Do this or that. I wonder when the local A.I. will come knocking on my door looking for my brain, not realizing that it is broken, they plug me in….

The Book Of Trees

Part of it anyway. I should frame these, they are better protected, even if bulkier to move around. These are out of the light so that’s a protection too.

I should make a page of text to go opposite each drawing, not an explanation, something like a doodle only with words.

They are all 8″ X 10″. Pencils on paper. If I were to frame them it should be at least a 16″ X 20″ frame, or larger. I find it draws attention into the subject better if you can occupy more of the viewers vision.

Framing the Unnecessary.

Temporarily adding the unnecessary to the entropy wall.

It is clearly a large painting, more than half the size of that sculpture.

‘The Unnecessarily Erotic Amoebas of Port Elgin’, watercolour, 21″ X 30″, framed its 28″ X 36″, $25,000.00 US

One of my favourite frame jobs. This one is 28″ X 36″ overall. I made the wooden part with ebony, more for its weight than anything, I painted it black anyway. The inner frame is of gold filled copper bars, not plated, I think there is 6 or 7 ounces of gold that you could recover, but its a secret thing to hang on your wall you see, who would know why you paid $25,000.00 US for this unknown artists work.