‘Woman’, 21″ X 30″, watercolour.

I rarely paint a woman anywhere near this realistically. I just get accused of being a misogynist. “Stop lookin’ at my boobs, stop pinching my bum.” Followed by a slap in the face. Maybe I am a misogynist!!!

4 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Mmm … There’s a whole debate out there on erotic art and the depiction of women particularly. Bottom line is, this is one of the most consistent themes in graphic representation since Neolithic times. Why misogynistic?
    You have painted this well.

    • As I recall the term misogynist came in relation to painting women as objects of male desire. I never really understood the remark as I am acquainted with women with the same desire. So I am usually speechless when I’ve heard it at shows. Some people have a problem with desire I think. Abstraction is safer at times.

      • well, at least you didn’t make her look like a toothpick! Toothpick gals are plastered on every fashion mag, or should I say photoshopped pictures of malnourished adolescents — hungry children.

      • I think those fashion mags create and maintain an unhealthy desire throughout the culture, not just with men. They leave everyone hungry, longing and lusting for something that cannot exist.

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