Entropy Sucks!

Adaptability fades with age.

Adaptability fades with age. The pace of change is alarming. Just my way of saying it sucks getting older.

Given the current state of entropy, increasing chaos and disorder in the world, the rapidly increasing number of things that could go wrong, seems to be going wrong. It seems unlikely that there is enough time for physical adaptation. The only adaptation we can make is with the brain or the mind. That is usually only seen culturally. A changing environment means an adaptation in culture. It doesn’t matter what environmental change it is, less food around because of an economic crash or another massive hurricane destroying the energy supply we must have to live around here. We don’t have time to grow fur.

It appears to me we are playing dice with the minds’ capacity for rapid social changes.

However, maybe the perception of increasing entropy is a function of age also. Maybe its just the accumulated piles of memories to make connections with are larger due to more time doing stuff, it doesn’t matter what kind of stuff. More things to go wrong, or right.

I would agree, the ability to adapt socially to changing cultural values decreases with age. Social relevance is lost. I think it’s a perfectly natural thing to occur though. Like taking the back seat and letting someone else drive for a while, because your bi-focals aren’t working out, let the one with the GPS drive. That too is an adaptive strategy. How will this culture of young aggressive learners adapt. Archaeologists and anthropologists tend to view a culture’s advancement in terms of how they treat the irrelevant members of the group, the ones who aren’t saying anything anymore because the conversation is too fast, or the ones who need hearing aids and translators for the modern psyche.

Change is ever present. It seems to be what we do. We’re always changing our minds. Its what we do best.

Entropy Sucks!

1 thought on “Entropy Sucks!

  1. I must have missed this the first time round. I especially like the graphite images.
    It may be presumptuous of me, but we seem to share a lot in common in art. Feel free to email me on greyheron2@gmail.com (or not as you choose) if you ever fancy a chat and virtual beer.

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