Drought does not create famine.

Politicians and economists making borders out of razor wire create famine.

Populations of countries that don’t want to know where their wealth comes from, create famine.

Closing our eyes makes it worse, makes it famine.

‘Africa’, oil on panel, 1997-98,

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‘Burden’, oil on canvas, 48″ X 60″, 1995

I believe all visual media to be graphic anthropology. Every image has a different meaning to every person that may see it. The artist doesn’t make it art, the viewer does. Any explanation by me just obscures what it means to the viewer.

But I still have plenty to say about the images, from my point of view, but not here.

Famine and War, graphic anthropology

‘Hunger’, oil on canvas, 72″ X 120″, 1993

‘Hunger’, detail

‘Hunger II’ , oil on canvas, 36″ X 60″, 1993

‘Hunger III’, oil on canvas, 36″ X 60″, 1993

These paintings were in response to the famine/drought in the Horn of Africa in 1992.

‘Stone Hunger’, soapstone, 2.5″ X 1.25″, 2011

There are now many of these ‘stone hungers’, made this year, as I watched the same thing happening again. I had always hoped my grandchildren wouldn’t see the world like this.

‘Greed Hunger Misery’, 2011, oil on canvas, 36″X60″