Even When We Aren’t Looking

If there were any humanity left in the developed world.

What you should be doing is going to your governments and demanding that they put the price of gas up! To get you into rehab from your LIFESTYLE. You are not entitled to this lifestyle. No one is. It is not your ‘right’.You think you can have paradise while you’re here? Not at this cost. Old women old men children babies, burned alive and chopped to pieces. So you can have cheap gas? Because you need it to drive to work to make more, more, more. More what? Shit? Or you have to have oil to drive your giant 8 cylinder diesel monster truck by yourself to the convenience store to buy shit to eat while you masturbate all over your waterproof 3d monitor. Fuck you!!!! The very least you can do is recognize that its YOUR problem. The west is addicted. Dedicate yourselves to paying enough for gas that people can clean up the disaster you leave behind you in your greedy dash to the future? This is not a race. You keep going this way and there will not be life on this planet. Forget your sci-fi fantasies where humans are better. Stupid, stupid creatures. Not even bacteria will survive from the shit you leave behind you. You should be meekly offering $10 a litre and promising you won’t let your ‘lifestyle’ get out of hand again. Maybe you won’t be beheaded.